# What we offer



Product Validation

As a flexible and agile business we respond instantly to sample requests and supply the size or format you want. We endeavour to deliver a slit roll sample in 24 hours and a prototype die cut in three days.

Alternatively, our technicians are happy to receive your materials and conduct in-house testing on your behalf, providing feedback in 24-48 hours.


Our business has the experience and machinery to design and supply an adhesive tape die cut or shaped to match your desired specification.

On Site Consultants

Technically trained professionals are available to attend site visits at any location in the UK.

They work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve and operate respectfully and confidentially. Alternatively, we have in-house experts if you would rather call or email enquiries.

Our Standards

Available Stock

Our site in Bristol stocks a vast product portfolio carefully selected from the ranges of the world Leading manufacturers of adhesive tapes.

We can supply you with the best products available on the market today and hold specific stock for you.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

£50 minimum order value. Free UK delivery on orders over £150 and a next-day delivery service anywhere in the UK or Europe.


“When we approached Gawler Tapes we were developing a new product. It was important to get it to market quick and gain competitive advantage. We had invested a significant amount of money on a new production line and there was pressure to meet the tight deadline. Extreme running temperatures for a prolonged period of time were causing major concerns with the substrate with which we had chosen to work.

From the moment we introduced ourselves to Gawler and gave them the brief, they worked creatively. When the project was under scrutiny, they continued to work with us and independently suggested and sourced different materials as possible solutions. They gave us a lot of man hours and prototypes often at no cost and always believed what we were trying to achieved would be realised.

In the end it was they who sourced two very different substrates and designed us a laminate which is used in the product today. Many factors and business assisted in achieving an on time product launch but Gawler always stands out as one that went beyond their brief.”