Bespoke by Design

# Our Unique Bespoke Product Service

Bespoke by Design


Advantage of Product formats

Our objective is to give you the product size and format you want. Various formats can give you advantages in production, in the design of an existing or new product and from a commercial prospective.

Sometimes our customers may not be aware this format even exists, often it has to be conceptualised and then it becomes bespoke by design.


What formats exist?

Lathe slitting

Using state-of-the-art slitting machinery we cut adhesive tapes to the width you want from master rolls. This is something in which we have specialised for many years. We operate tight tolerances and pride ourselves on the accuracy we achieve. We can successfully slit material from 1500mm wide to as narrow as 3mm.

Die-cutting & Gaskets

A die cut is an intricately-cut part shaped from a master roll of adhesive tape. These parts help with seamless product design and often streamline, seal and take weight out of a finished product. We can work up to 175mm widths and manufacture on a roll or supply loose bulk.

We can provide prototype parts to give peace of mind during test validation and before full production commences. We welcome the opportunity to understand and learn about your business to see how we can help improve your product and process.


We can laminate an adhesive tape onto your materials should you wish to have an adhesive-backed substrate. We have low out gassing and high temperature products which may be of benefit by giving you access to other customers or markets. Recently we laminated a single- sided adhesive onto a customer substrate which enabled them to expose their product to a process of 200c for 24 hours.


We are able to supply both adhesive foam and adhesive film pads on a roll. Pads are commonly used to bond or protect materials in the building and construction and print markets.

Finger Lift

If you are having a time-consuming battle in production getting a paper or filmic release off an adhesive tape, we can supply a product with an oversized paper or film saving valuable time when removing the backing material.

Long Length Spool / Bobbin Rolls

If you are currently using a lot of 50 meter length slit rolls in production you may want to consider spools or bobbins. These are very long rolls which can reach lengths of up to 5,000 metres and offer huge time-saving benefits in production. Application equipment may be required.

Silicone Tabs – for Silicone Paper Removal

We supply finger lift tabs to allow the removal of siliconised paper in production. Often, this material is found in the production of automotive parts and our item 1780 appears on the international material data system web portal.

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